sede: Loano (SV)
Rif: 221024

The BDM is responsible to prepare proposals, with broad and complex scope involved. He/she may be required to negotiate the contract and is responsible for the compliance with the contract commitments and commercial, technical risk assessment. He/she is required to contribute to the development of business plans related to this kind of (innovative) solutions.


1. BDM Master Technical Degree from an accredited university or college;
2. 5 years of experience in Power & Gas or industrial applications of New Energy Solutions;
3. At least 5 additional years of experience in Commercial, Sales or Project Management
4. Project management skills and entrepreneurial mindset.
5. Leadership, personal appeal, strong relational (with heterogeneous interlocutors), communicational and organizational skills; brilliant; used to work both in autonomy and in team;
6. Strong ethics, full respect for hierarchies; motivated, mature;.


- Coordinates the opportunities/challenges since early-stage development with analysis and solutions identification once the project is pre-sanctioned.
- Cooperates with other departments (Front Office, Strategy committee, Operation, Finance and others) to answer customer complex energy transition and innovation requests/proposal and assess their implications to the proposal competitive position.
- Manages complex sales processes requiring involvement of many stakeholders both at the customer side and internally. Technical, economical, logistical, and financial aspects are involved in creating proposal. The result of the relevant analyses may be that the creation of a partnership with another company (consortium, joint venture) is recommended to build a more competitive proposal.
- Participates to the partners' due diligence, selection and parties' contract framework.
- Follow the countries regulation toward renewables and Innovation
- Communicates customer needs and feedback back to the relevant segments as market knowledge that may help them in strategic studies and assessments.

Availability: January 2023
Workplace: Loano (SV)
Indicative allocation and salary: to be defined in relation to candidate's abilities and experience. Contract as a subordinate.

If you are interested, send your updated CV to