IQM selezione offers services of coaching to companies which want to support:
HR managers
CEO's, General Directors, executives and other professionals with key functions in the company

The clients of IQM selezione are also:

Companies wishing to train their employees as coaches
Companies interested in coaching workshops
Companies that seek coaching services for:
Strategic planning, reengineering, creation of a common and coordinated company vision;
Team-work support


This area of activity of IQM selezione includes services dedicated in particular to smaller work environments, such as:

Family businesses
Owners or managers of small and medium-size companies
Starting-up businesses
Professionals with individual activity
Executive directors who wish to launch proper businesses


Coaching services provided by IQM selezione meet the needs of their clients with respect to professional development of individuals who wish to optimally manage such situations as:

accurate definition and classification of their professional profile
definition of the approach toward job market
choosing channels and instruments for the insertion/re-insertion in the job market
managing of new career developments
making decisions about their career guidance or about that of their employees
choosing among a variety of job offers