Corso English CV & Job Interview

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Come superare un colloquio in inglese? Scopri come scrivere un CV efficace e come preparare e sostenere un colloquio di lavoro in inglese.


This course is designed to meet the needs of anyone preparing for a job application in English. The training sessions give participants detailed techniques for confidently handling the entire job search process within an international work placement context.


Learning objectives

  • Structuring an effective English CV
  • Writing a powerful cover letter in English
  • Preparing yourself for a successful job interview
  • Selling yourself at best on the job market


Intended audience

Professionals looking for new job opportunities in an international work environment.



Structuring your CV

  • CV format and structure: CV template, guide and examples
  • Focusing on must-have sections: how to highlight your strengths
  • ‘Less is more’: what you should leave off your CV
  • Resume keywords by industry: how to survive resume robots (Applicant Tracking Systems - ATS)
  • CV vs. Resume in the US: which one is more appropriate to use?
  • Academic CV vs. Professional CV

Writing a Cover Letter

  • Cover letter format and structure: cover letter template, guide, and examples
  • From templating to tailoring: how to tailor your cover letter to each job application
  • Different kinds of cover letters (e.g., application cover letter, cold cover letter, career change cover letter, prospecting cover letter, networking cover letter) 
  • Editing & proofreading: tips & tools to check for spelling and grammar

Facing a Job Interview

  • Looking at different types of interviews: face-to-face, video call, individual interview, group interview, assessment centre, role-play interview etc.
  • The recruitment process: how to handle the different stages
  • Interview investigation: pre-interview research and preparation
  • How to answer ‘Tell me about yourself’: dos and don’ts, tips, and examples for introducing yourself
  • The Job interview script: most common questions and best answers
    • Focus: How to answer tricky interview questions: dos and don’ts, tips and examples (e.g., 'Where do you see yourself in X years’, ‘Why should we hire you’ etc.)
  • Personal SWOT analysis and Personal Value Proposition (PVP) for your career strategy
  • Mastering technical vocabulary
  • Communication skills: verbal, paraverbal, and nonverbal communication
  • Asking questions: appropriate and inappropriate topics

Personal Branding & Net Reputation

  • Introduction: how your social media & online reputation impacts hiring decisions
  • How to improve your digital identity
  • How to create an effective LinkedIn profile
  • Tips to build your professional network on LinkedIn

Job Search

  • Job search channels
  • Job seeking tips and techniques
  • LinkedIn tips and tricks for job search success
  • Developing a comprehensive job search plan


Practical exercises

  • CV and cover letter writing
  • Role-playing: job interview simulation

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